> Global instant cash pick up at 46,000 Post Offices in China
> Global instant transfers to 104 banks and over 100,000 branches
CashToChina is a non stop, instant , turnkey online remittance solution for the fastest growing economy

CashToChina from Netelis Asia ® , a worldwide turnkey solution enabling remittance providers, simple, quick & easy, to access the billions Chinese Yuan remittance market .

Our service, tightly link up with China Post Office's national widely spread outlets in every corner inside China and well constructed IT infrastructure, enabling our customers to send Cash (RMB) directly to over 46,563 service outlets in China. In addition, customers can make instant global money transfers into accounts at 104 banks with over 100,000 financial outlets; nobody else comes so closely providing this 1st class coverage to access to China.


Netelis Asia ® work together with China Post, the most historic and faith trusted financial institution in the People’s Republic of CHINA, to ensure reliable, and safety INSTANT remittance services with the optimum coverage.

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