24Hx7 online through broadband with direct connection
and secure access.
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No red tape

No wasted time and effort to establish your own network in China, greatly reducing the risk and expense of exploring your business, we are an international enterprise with senior officers from Malaysia and UK as well as China; we have the right connections, and knowledge, to let you enter into the remittance market with high return and no or low risk investment project.

Develop your brand presence in china with right partners

Our senior experienced staffs; glad to assist you with the right connections and knowledge to create relevant brand awareness and community presence for your customers.

Fast access to market

On your mark, plug in, get set, go!
Simple and easy for minimal configuration needed to integrate with your existing system.

Instant customers access

Instant access to remittance's in Renminbi (RMB) to the largest, most widespread locations in the country, our physical presence is second to known, reaching more people than any other network in China.

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